Man, Lindsay Lohan Makes Some Shitty-Ass Lasagna


I doubt anyone thought that Lindsay Lohan makes exceptional Italian food. Just seems like something she would suck at. Other celebrities, maybe they make good Italian food. I bet Keira Knightley, British as she is, could do a good Sunday sauce.

But LiLo, she doesn’t seem like someone who knows the difference between Pecorino and Parmigiani. And Farfalle and Cavatappi. Of course, I never had the proof. This was just a speculation of mine. Until today, when she posted this picture of her homemade lasagna to Instagram.

That is some shitty looking lasagna. It probably could taste alright, but if that’s the best shot she could muster, I can’t imagine it was anything impressive. I bet that’s canned Parmesan.

This has been your Sunday analysis of Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram account.