Mario Testino’s Photo Series Of Sexy Famous Women Wearing Nothing But Towels Is Pretty Fantastic

mario testino towel series


So I was perusing Instagram when I happened upon Gigi Hadid’s account and saw she posted a photo of herself naked in a towel next to her boyfriend Cody Simpson. I thought to myself, “That’s pretty cool.” Then I noticed there was a hashtag in her caption: #TowelSeries and a link to photographer Mario Testino’s Instagram page.

Several clicks later I come to find that, lo and behold, #TowelSeries is an actual series of photographs of sexy models and other female celebrities wearing nothing but towels.

And I share… except for the one of Miley Cyrus who, of course, had to go full nipple in hers because SHOCKING!!

I knew I should have gone into photography.

Woman in towel image by Shutterstock