Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien’s Hot Daughter Angela Rypien Gets Naked On Her Instagram A Lot

Mark Rypien was the only Canadian who was named Super Bowl MVP when he guided the Washington Redskins to winning Super Bowl XXVI. But I’m not a Redskins fan, so for me, his most amazing accomplishment was his daughter, Angela Rypien.

Like her father, she is a quarterback, but in the Legends Football League (Formerly the Lingerie Football League). She has played QB for the Seattle Mist and Baltimore Charm.

Now Angela is wowing the crowd with her severely underrated Instagram account that surely deserves more than 18,000 followers. That’s where the hottest quarterback of all-time shares some tantalizing pics, and even some naked shots.

Thankfully Mark Rypien didn’t follow his daughter’s lead. He doesn’t have an Instagram, but he does have a Twitter, and thankfully there are no nudes.