Megan Fox Says She Doesn’t Want To Do Graphic Sex Scenes Anymore For A Pretty Stupid Reason

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No one ever likes to think about parents having sex, however we all know it did and does happen. Raise your hand if you think you were magically spawned out of a magical pot of dirt that grows babies. No? Then you acknowledge your parents banged at least ONCE, leading to the creation of you.

So when Megan Fox says she doesn’t want to do graphic sex scenes anymore for fear of her sons seeing it when they’re older, I’m calling bullshit. According to Mirror,

The pregnant Transformers star – who has sons Noah, three, and Bodhi, two, and is currently pregnant with her third child – said: “There are just certain things boys should never see their mothers do.

“There are some good projects I’ve read that are with talented people, talented directors, but the things the women are required to do in the movie are things I can’t have my sons ever know or see.(via)

You can’t have your sons “knowing” about sex? Fetishes? 2 girls 1 cup? Sorry to break it to you lady, but that’s what the bus to school every day is for: poorly raised children infecting the minds of properly parented kids with filth and dirt. Your kids are gonna find out all about this shit no matter how hard you try to shelter them, why damage your career for something that’s ultimately futile?

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “It’s up to the mother to determine what she thinks her children can handle seeing or not.

“I don’t think my children should ever see me doing some of that stuff. I don’t think my boys could handle that.

“They can’t separate the experience from the reality from the art. It gets very confusing when it’s your own mother.”(via)

Translation: my kids are, and will continue to be, too stupid to figure out the difference between fake movie sex and real sex.

This would all be fine and dandy if Megan was a super-mega-star, except in recent years her career’s been on a bit of a decline – not that doing nudity would necessarily help it along, but why limit yourself in the first place? Game of Thrones is 90% nudity, and look at how Emilia Clarke AKA Daenerys Targaryen is doing lately – she’s getting offers from everywhere and has even gotten to the point where she can have nudity clauses in her contract and STILL get hired.

I’m just saying – you’re underestimating your kids and flat lining your career. Maybe reconsider, if not for yourself then for the Bros, huh?

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