Ryan Gosling Just MURDERED Every Bro Around The World’s Dream…By Knocking Up Eva Mendes

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There are no words. My dream of spreading my seed to Eva Mendes? Gone. Sure, by some stroke of luck I could still do it, but what’s the point? Once America planted that flag in the Moon no one gave a shit about getting there first, it was all about Mars from that point on. Same thing here.

” Ryan Gosling’s very devoted fans have been sent into a spin by unconfirmed reports which claims Eva Mendes is pregnant with his child.
America’s OK! magazine claims the 40-year-old brunette star is seven months along and the pair are considering marriage.”

I can’t stop crying. Is there a point to living anymore? Not only is she smokin’ hot…

But she’s funny as fuck too.

But hey, at least Gosling isn’t exactly in a rush to get married anytime soon.

” While the 33-year-old actor is said to be fully committed to the relationship, he doesn’t share his girlfriend’s desire to settle down and get married.
A source said: ‘Ryan grew up without a dad, so he always said when he had kids, he’d be there no matter what. This is it for him.'”

Via Daily Mail

Hey Eva, I can be your baby daddy too. Hit me up sometime, please?

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