Michelle Jenneke Should Compete in Track Events Wearing This Pink Bikini

michelle jenneke ice bucket

Michelle Jenneke, Instagram

The last time I shared something related to Internet track sensation Michelle Jenneke I said that she was taking her Instagram bikini game to the next level.

And while she WAS smart enough (and smarter than many other ladies *cough Adriana Lima*) to do her Ice Bucket Challenge in a bikini this doesn’t really move her up a notch on our “Hottest Chicks to Share Bikini Pics and Videos on Instagram Imaginary Rankings” (trademark pending). Basically it just solidifies her current position. (Yes, I have no idea what the hell I am talking about – coming back from a holiday weekend is rough, yo.)

Actually now that I’ve watched it again I am going to have to deduct some points from her ranking because everyone with a brain knows that if she was going to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in a bikini it really should have looked more like this…

Eh, Jenneke’s young. She’s still got time to figure it out.

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