SHOTS FIRED: Miley Cyrus Takes Aim at Katy Perry for Claiming Her Tongue Was Gross


Fight fight fight!

I am going to recap this whole saga even though I’ll so, so hate myself for it in about 20 minutes: At the Los Angeles stop of her “BANGERZ” tour on Saturday, Miley Cyrus spotted in the crowd Katy Perry, a singer of some note who first found success with the ballad “I Kissed a Girl.” Miley made a move on Katy. Katy reciprocated at first—but when Miley went to slip some tongue, Perry did not like it. And scene:

Perry was asked about the incident Tuesday while on the Australian morning talk show Sunrise. “I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly, girly kiss, as us girls do,” she said. “Then, she like tried to move her head and go deeper. I pulled away, God knows where that tongue has been.”


Today, Miley was finally broken the news of her rebuff by a dancing bear crafting a french fry skull. (It could have also been a guy in a Bill Clinton mask.) Here’s what she had to say: