Miranda Kerr Naked In Her Newest Instagram Is Something You’re Going To Want To See

Do you want to see Miranda Kerr naked? Of course you do, that was a stupid question. Approximately 99.99999% of the world wants to see Miranda Kerr naked, and that includes gay people, straight people, animals, inanimate objects and whatever else you can think of.

Curves + black and white filter + skimpily applied bed sheets = happy Rick Wolf. Then again, I’m happy with everything Miranda Kerr throws at me because she’s the definition of perfection. Miranda could spit in my face, kick me in the nuts and then run me over with a steam roller and I’d be perfectly okay with it, because, y’know, Miranda Kerr. There is not a single thing she could do to make me hate her short of murder my entire family, and even then if she said “Sorry” I’d probably get over it. Hell, she wouldn’t even have to say “Sorry,” she could just smile at me from a distance and it’d count enough to make me not care about my newfound lack of relatives.

In other words…you’re welcome.

[Header image via Instagram]