Model Casually Walks Around Hong Kong Half-Naked And Nobody Gave A Care

Hong Kong has a ridiculously crowded population of 7.24 million people (For comparison, New York City has a population of 8.49 million people). Yet with all of those people, everyone was too busy to take a peek at this naked model walking around the congested megalopolis.

Makeup artist Sandra Bakker has had her work featured on the faces of some of the hottest models in the world. However, last December she steered her makeup skills to a different direction. Instead of applying makeup to a beautiful face, she applied cosmetics to a nice dumper.

Bakker teamed up with VIPRoom.HK to make this hot model naked, but not naked. They applied body paint to model Vytaute’s lovely lower-half to make her nude body appear to have jeans on.

The model then hit the streets of Hong Kong, and oddly nobody wanted to do the no-pants dance with the lovely lady. People only noticed when the model took off her backpack and exposed her t-shirt that read, “No pants are the best pants.”

I would have loved to see the same prank done in Japan where they have used panties vending machines and a plethora of tentacle porn.