Model Comes Up Big And Delivers On Her Promise Go On ‘Oral Sex Tour’ For Italian Voters

Many consider Paola Saulino a seminal player in the Italian political arena. The 27-year-old model enticed Italians to vote “No” on a constitutional referendum to reform the composition and powers of the Parliament of Italy. Paola put her money where her mouth is, besides many other things. She blew away voters by vowing to perform oral sex on everyone who voted “No.” in the referendum. Her persuasive proposition seemed to have come through because the voters rejected the referendum.

She posted a photo on her Instagram and said she was “a little bit tired.” I’m sure she was jaw-droppingly exhausted.

She could have been salty, but instead she kept her nose to the grindstone and came up big time.

I’m surprised that Paola still has any teeth left after constantly sucking on all those lollies.

The first stop of β€œThe Pompa Tour” took place in Rome. This may be hard to swallow, but she plans on visiting 10 cities, with the tour set to come to a conclusion in Palermo on January 21. Let’s hope they have economy size mouthwash over in Italy.

Fun fact, Pompa, means pump, which is also Italian slang for blow jobs.

She is even selling cups. Great for slurping up hot c…ocoa. Yeah, hot cocoa.

If only more people were this invested in their political beliefs.