Only Weeks After Giving Birth, This Amazing Model Boasted An Unbelievable Body – See Her Transformation (27 PICS)

Tammy Hembrow Instagram

Tammy Hembrow Instagram

Tantalizing model Tammy Hembrow recently gave birth to a small human, but that didn’t stop the mother-of-two from hitting the gym to get back her incredible pre-pregnancy figure. The Aussie hottie showed the unbelievable results from working out after only six months since her pregnancy.

The toned Tammy from Queensland, Australia posted photos on her Instagram account to show her 5.6 million followers her mind-blowing transformation.

Just weeks after giving birth, this is what Tammy looked like.

Here is what she looked like after only two months after her pregnancy.

After eight weeks.

After nine weeks.

After 10 weeks.

You get the point. Tantalizing Tammy is back to being a ridiculously hot MILF.

Mother-of-two or not, at this point, I’m just posting pics of a mesmerizing model for the sake of posting pics of a mesmerizing model.

She even gives a “booty update.”

Talk about snapping back. Jeez Louise.