Montana Republican Congressional Candidate Allegedly Body-Slammed A Reporter One Day Before Special Election

Tomorrow there’s a special election in Montana for an at-large congressional district. The winner goes to Washington to replace Trump’s Interior secretary, former GOP Rep. Ryan Zinke. The battle is between Bob Church, a 72-year-old Democrat and retired high school government teacher who plays the banjo and is always pictured rockin’ a cowboy hat, because… Montana. And in the Republican corner, there’s Greg Gianforte, a tech multi-millionaire (estimated worth: over $60 million). Backed by Donald Trump, Gianforte allegedly has ties to Russian companies via $250,000 in index fund assets.

Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs hit up Gianforte’s campaign headquarters in Bozeman, Montana to talk about those ties. Gianforte didn’t seem to like his questions, so, according to Jacobs, he body-slammed him and broke his glasses. Since this is the real world and American politics isn’t the WWE, that’s called assault.

The Gallatin County sheriff is now on the scene:


Here are tweets from the incident:

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