‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Hottie Morgan Stewart Has Got One A+ Bikini Game


Morgan Stewart’s lingerie and yoga gear game is pretty on point as well as you shall soon see.

Since I have never actually watched an episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (I swear to God I haven’t) I had to do a little digging to find out why tis girl Morgan Stewart is on our TV sets on a semi-regular basis.

At first I just assumed she was the daughter of someone famous. I was mistaken. Turns out that it’s just because, (1) she’s rich. Well, her parents are, and she has admitted that she basically lives off of them, and (2) she’s either married to or about to get married to a guy worth far less than her so he basically hit the jackpot.

Stewart also apparently flunked out of college and now spends her time running a blog called Boobs & Loubs – about her two favorite things Louboutin shoes and her, well, her boobs.

Today we will focus more on that second item.