Women Explain 6 Moves That Will Allegedly Give Them Multiple Orgasms (Assuming You Can Already Give Her The First)

Here’s the best/worst thing about writing on the internet. Sometimes the topic of a piece is so interesting that people read the headline and immediately skip to the meat of an article because they don’t want to read some writer blabbing on.

Case in point — you’re here to find out how to give a woman multiple orgasms. It’s why you clicked. I could have admitted to the OJ Simpson murders and claimed to have found a cure for cancer in that opening paragraph and YOU’D NEVER KNOW because you didn’t read and that’s incredibly selfish. INCREDIBLY SELFISH.

But whatever, here’s why you clicked. Mongrels.

OMGYES, Indiana University, and the Kinsey Institute teamed up to deliver the most detailed information so far about how women can achieve multiple orgasms. Through in-depth interviews with 1,000 women and a nationally representative survey of an additional 1,055 women, OMGYES compiled what is basically a how-to guide for having multiples, backed up by techniques from the women who have them.

So about those murders, what I did was…UGH, FINE!

1. Don’t touch the clitoris after orgasm
2. Don’t treat the second orgasm like the first
3. Try a “clit sandwich”
4. Communication between sexual partners matters
5. Practice makes perfect
6. Not everybody can have multiples

Yes, yes, we’re all interested in number 4, especially with lunch just a few hours away.

Study participant Sidney describes how she comes after her first orgasm like this: “One of the greatest things that I learned from an old lover of mine is to squeeze the lips and then move them, and I could achieve a second orgasm really quickly, and I could keep doing that with the squeezing of the lips a number of times.” This move is described as a “clit sandwich,” where she gently sandwiches the clit between her labia majora and pulse. Sidney is one of the few women who says she can actually have immediate multiples—she doesn’t need a recovery period at all—which is pretty rare.

To read the entire article, click here. Now, what’s the best side dish to a clit sandwich? I’m thinking a bag of chips.

Pickle. Yup. A pickle.

[via Esquire]

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