Playboy Model Who Was Stabbed In The Neck By Mugger Is ‘Lucky To Be Alive’, Celebrates By Sharing Revealing Selfies

Natacha Jaitt, 38, was stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver by a teenager mugger who wanted her cellphone. The former Playboy model and Big Brother 6 (Spanish version) actress was rushed to the hospital for urgent care and at the time it was said that she’s ‘lucky to be alive’.

Before we get to the sexy selfies that she’s been sharing on Twitter to celebrate surviving the near death experience let’s take a look at the details of her attack, via Mirror UK:

The attack was described as “extremely violent” with Natacha falling to the ground after she was stabbed by the youth who ran off with her belongings.
Police gave chase but could not catch him.
Luckily, a security agent was in the area patrolling a local building and ran to her help.
She was taken to hospital for treatment and has since been released.
The teenage thug was wearing a sports jacket and Natacha hopes video footage from CCTV cameras will help to catch him.
Natacha tweeted just after the attack which happened at 9pm on Sunday night and today was inundated with get well messages and pledges of support.
She said she was feeling groggy and faint but was determined to help the police catch her attacker.
She said she was furious that young people were going to prison for such crimes and committing them again the moment they were released.

Well Natacha Jaitt seems to be in great spirits after her attack because three hours ago she sent out this tweet:

Now let’s check out some of the other wonderful photos that have graced Natacha’s Twitter feed recently. I’m using twitter here because I can’t really figure out which Instagram feed is her @natachajaitt or @jaittnatacha, one of them only has one photo and the other one has some barely censored nudity (don’t worry, I’ll hook you up down below):

and I mentioned some barely censored nudity on Instagram. If you want to follow that image above and head on over to the page’s feed you’ll see what I’m talking about, or you can click HERE to see the @natachajaitt on Instagram.

(h/t Mirror UK)

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