These New Miss Reef Videos Are The Most Asstastic Things You’ll See All Day

If you’re a butt man then this company Reef, who makes surfing clothes like bikinis, has got shit all figured out for you. Witness

Here’s what they do that’s so perfect. Reef finds the hottest women in the world, then picks one of them out and calls her Miss Reef. Then they shoot amazingly sexy photo after photo and video after video of her and her friends. Then they don’t tell us who the fuck she is, which just makes us just want to see more and more of her. Genius.

Now I don’t know how doing all of this affects their sales, but I certainly know that if I am ever in the market to purchase a bikini for a woman their name will definitely come to mind. Once you watch the two new videos below I think you’ll see where I am coming from here.

This first video is called “Miss Reef 2015 Teaser 1” should really have just been named “15 Seconds Of Freaking Heaven.”

And this second video they just released called “Miss Reef 2015” should have been titled, “Holy Shit, This Might Be The Hottest Video I’ve Ever Seen.”