Nina Agdal Is Missing Most Of Her Clothing In Not One, But THREE Crazy Hot New Photo Shoots

While Playboy is going back to full-on nudity it appears that Maxim is just trying to get as close as humanly possible with their latest cover shoot featuring Nina Agdal.

I do find it interesting that Nina Agdal has been showing up in one magazine after another since she began going to The Leonardo DiCaprio School of Model Career Advancement. Whoops, I mean dating him.

In just the past few weeks, she’s done that shoot for Maxim, another sexy one for Health magazine…

And one more (also sexy, natch) for Gosee magazine…

Sure, at first I thought it might all just be about promoting the new SI Swimsuit Issue and had nothing to do with who she is dating. But since neither she nor SI Swimsuit bothered to post even one picture to Instagram of her in the issue on Wednesday I have my doubts.

At least this morning SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day did finally share this…

Good stuff. More please?

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