Nina Agdal Shared A Shot Of Her Naked Ass Last Night And My, My Is It Lovely

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About a year back, I had the opportunity to meet Nina Agdal. The only problem was the night of the event was the day I was getting back from a bachelor party. I had to swing by a friend’s place, who was watching my dog, and I couldn’t fit in picking up Mandy, bringing her home, and getting to the event.

So I emailed the PR person who invited me.

“Hey, would it be alright if I brought my dog with me to meet Nina Agdal?”

I might add Nina was single at the time. Amazingly, the PR person said yes, and I never was more excited for something. I was about to bring my adorable puppy to chat with an SI swimsuit model. It was like… gold. I was so gonna get laid.

Anyway, I caught the flu last day of the bachelor party and spent the whole flight home shivering with a fever and puking my guts out.

I couldn’t make it to the event, not in the condition I was in, and my chance to seduce what I think is the most beautiful person in the world was gone.

Had I succeeded (which, let’s be real, I would not have), I would have woken up to this.

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Cant find my pants.

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To this god damn day, I’m still upset I missed the chance. I may have failed, but what a shot it would have been.

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