Nina Agdal Shows Off Her Bikini Area Tan Lines While Wearing Black Lacy Underwear

I really didn’t think that today was going to be such a special day, and when I say ‘special day’ I’m not just referring to Nina Agdal (modern day Helen of Troy) dancing around in her black underwear showing off her bikini tan line. There’s something more going on in this video. Some of you will see it immediately, and all of this lede in doesn’t apply to you. For some of you though, it might take you a bit longer to recognize what I’m alluding to here.

If it’s not readily apparent what I find to be so incredible about this video then I think you, YES YOU, might have a problem. And we’ll discuss that problem of yours in just a moment after we all watch the video:

All of that jibber jabber before, that was me trying (and failing) to create some sort of excitement around the fact that this is THE FIRST VERTICAL VIDEO IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET THAT DID NOT SUCK GIGANTIC DONKEY BALLS. All it took was one of the tightest bodies in modeling dancing around, showing off her tan lines while wearing skimpy black (lacy) undwear…and suddenly I’m a HUGE FAN of vertical videos.

I read not too long ago that Snapchat’s actually campaigning extremely hard to do away with videos shot in landscape, and that they’re trying to rebuild an internet culture that supports vertical video as the preferred medium. Ever since I read whatever article that was (it’s been a few months) I’ve had a skeptical eye for any vertical video going viral. Part of me thinks that Nina Agdal got paid by Snapchat to shoot this video vertically. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it seems plausible, right?

In addition to that glorious video above where Nina Agdal is showing off her tan lines, here’s what else she’s been up to recently:

TRUE or FALSE: Nina Agdal is the hottest woman in the game these days (answers down below in the comments).