How Does Pamela Anderson Gyrating Around In Her Underwear On Video Sound?

We’ll never stop being fans of Pamela Anderson.

Truth be told, what I described in the headline might actually sound better than it looks, depending on what you think of the latest video effort by Love magazine for their annual “advent calendar.”

Yesterday we saw Gigi Hadid rocking a lace bra and panties for Love, and now today they enlisted one of our favorite cougars ever, Pamela Anderson, and, well, it’s certainly quite the video.

While it’s definitely no Irina Shayk doing a striptease like we saw last year, it isn’t without its moments. Overall it’s just… okay, it’s a little weird. Actually more than a little.

See what I mean?

That being said, it is Pamela Anderson doing some sexy stuff so there’s no way we’re not going to watch, right? Those folks over at Love magazine, they know exactly what they’re doing.