Paris Hilton Was Working Over The 4th Of July, In A Bikini Top Of Course

by 4 years ago
Paris Hilton bikini

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Paris Hilton is just a hard-working Joe like us.

We think of Paris Hilton as this pampered rich girl who gets to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, but in reality she’s just out there busting her ass to make a buck like the rest of us.

Sure, Paris Hilton doesn’t need the money, but there she was at Tao Beach at The Venetian in Vegas DJing up a storm for their 4th of July celebration.

Meanwhile, most of the rest of us were kicking back, drinking beers, gorging on meat and shooting off sketchy fireworks over the holiday.

Now tell me, who’s more American here? Us or Paris Hilton? I think her bikini top answers that question quite nicely.


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