Paris Hilton’s Top Almost Almost Fell Off At A Foam Party In Ibiza, And I Can Report She’s Keeping It Tight

Paris Hilton’s never hidden the fact that she lives to party, and for what seems like decades she’s been gravitating towards the stage of every elite club in the world to dance in front of molly-fueled legions. The One Night In Paris star has made a career out of always partying in the hottest spots, following the calendar year of ragers from L.A. to Vegas to NYC and currently to the Mediterranean.

Last night she and her top were poppin’ off at Amnesia in Ibiza, and I have to admit that i didn’t know foam parties still existed. I’d be lying if I said I’ve been to Ibiza, sadly I have not (yet), so maybe this island of hedonism is the last bastion of foam parties in the world? I guess you could find a foam party on most college campuses once a year, but no more than once.

As recently as 2013 Paris Hilton was still getting paid $250,000 for club appearances, so I can’t help but wonder how much she got paid by Amnesia Ibiza for rockin’ that bikini top that’s about 5x too large for her tiny frame (the comments tell me that’s some expensive top from Victoria’s Secret), a tiny frame that she’s obviously keeping very tight these days: