51-Year-Old Former SI Swimsuit Model Paulina Porizkova Can Still Bring It STRONG In A Bikini

Paulina Porizkova bikini pics

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You bros know who Paulina Porizkova is, right? Sure you do. Every bro worth his salt knows who most of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit modeling legends of the past are, right?

Paulina Porizkova definitely qualifies in that department as she graced the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue not just once but twice back in the day. In fact, she was just the second model (after Christie Brinkley) to ever score the cover in back-to-back years. That, my friends, qualifies a model as a legend in my book.

You know what else qualifies a model as a legend in my book? Looking like this in a bikini at age 51. You go, girl.