Does Notorious Playboy Dan Bilzerian Finally Have A Girlfriend? It Sure Looks Like It


Dan Bilzerian has created a social media empire with the simple and highly effective marketing strategy of guns and girls. Lots and lots and lots of beautiful and buxotic women. But it appears that maybe, just maybe, the King of Instagram has found that one ride or die chick and she is gorgeous. Dan the man may have gotten himself a girl so he can settle down and she is the lovely Sofia Bevarly.

Dollar Bilz has severely cut down on posting scantily-clad women on his Instagram and has been seen with the scintillating Sofia quite often. The first sign of Bevarly and Bilzerian as a couple was this Instagram photo that Sofia captioned: “The best view is you.” Then there have been several snaps of the two lovebirds together.

The couple has even been on “good ole double dates.”

Here’s Sofia proclaiming that she’s “ride or die.”

Bevarly has even gotten cozy with Dan’s beloved cat Smushball and taken “family vacations” with them.

Bevarly rode a tortoise in one of Dan’s Instagram pics that caused a bit of outrage back in March.

The 21-year-old Bevarly is a former Hooters girl turned model.

Good luck to the happy couple. There is no doubt that this will be the love story that has unbreakable bonds that future generations will tell their children like that of Cleopatra and Marc Antony.