Playboy’s Miss October Roxanna June Scores BIG For Canada

Roxanna June Playmate


Playboy has been ON FIRE this year and their choice for October Playmate of the Month, Roxanna June, just continues to add fuel to the blaze. Girl has got some AMAZING eyes. (That’s not code, she really does have beautiful eyes.)

Amazingly, unlike many models, Roxanna June says she isn’t interested in going Hollywood. I’m not interested in putting a ton of energy into it,” says Roxanna on her Playboy profile. “I’m quite business savvy and would eventually like to move from modeling to marketing and public relations.”

I still don’t know how Playboy is going to pick a Playmate of the Year for 2015 now that we’ve added Roxana to the mix with all the other amazing Playmates they’ve chosen this year, but the fact that she appears to not be in it for the fame is a definite mark in the plus column as far as I am concerned.

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