Hot Police Woman Who Was Suspended After Posting Topless Selfies In Squad Car Has Officially Quit The Force



Earlier this month we brought you the story of Nidia Garcia, a police woman in Mexico who was under investigation after she took topless photos of herself while sitting in a squad car and posted them to Facebook. I would elaborate further, except my colleague Matt Keohan did such a fine job doing so that I’ll let him take it from here:

Nidia Garcia, a Mexican police woman, was recently suspended from duty after she uploaded a topless picture of herself to Facebook, according to Daily Mail. Mistake number one. She posted the photo, which was taken in her squad car, while she was supposed to be guarding the crime-ridden streets of Escobedo–a lawless town two hours from the Texas border that is ruled by narcos. Mistake number two. She did all of this with complete disregard for her husband and two young children. Third strike, sweetheart.

However, after becoming an overnight online sensation and having police probe into her personal life, Garcia has reportedly quit the force, albeit on a “voluntary basis” according to the local council.

In a later Facebook post, Garcia admitted to posing for the photo, yet denied that she was the one who uploaded it to Facebook:

She said: “I apologise to the Proximity Justice Secretariat (local police force) and moreover to the city of Escobedo for this immoral act that I have committed.”

She continued: “Since I would be incapable of uploading a photo like this, I am outraged by the great damage this publication brings to my two daughters, my husband, parents, brothers and entire family.

“I hereby admit my great fault in posing for the picture, and I ask for this topic to be left aside.

“It brought me great moral and psychological pain and I want to apologise to the municipality. We are all humans and make mistakes.”(via)

Things may be on the up-and-up for Garcia though, as Mirror reports that “several men’s magazines and local businessmen” have expressed interest in giving her a modeling contract in order to cash in on her recent popularity.

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