Emily Ratajkowski Really Wants You To Look At Her Wearing A Leopard Print Bikini

…or at least that’s what I would assume. I mean she put these pictures on her Instagram. Why throw something up on your Insta unless you want people to look at it? Isn’t that the whole point of Instagram? “Hey look at me I’m super hot come like my photo so I can either get endorsed by stupid brands or get a feeling of self-validation that I’m not actually an ugly troll in real life.”

I can’t say for sure if Emily Ratajkowski’s mindset in these photos falls into either of those categories, unfortunately, but does it really matter? You came here for bikini photos, not a psychology lecture.


She also posed in a photo featuring a guy with a giant happy trail and an awkward spattering of pubes all over his chest. Maybe they’re friends. Maybe they’re not. Maybe Emily Ratajkowski just likes chest pubes and men wearing black tuxedo speedos.