I Never Realized How Big Blac Chyna’s Butt Is Until I Watched Her Twerk On A Mountain

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Yeah yeah Blac Chyna is known for…being Tyga’s baby mama? I think that’s it. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say that she was also a stripper once upon a time, but there’s a chance I’m just getting her mixed up with Amber Rose. Both chicks have HUGE butts, but I didn’t realize until today that Blac Chyna’s butt is comparable to Amber’s, but in a fake way. Amber looks real, whereas Chyna’s clearly got some implants floppin’ around in there. See for yourself:

Oh, and yes I know she’s not twerking in the video where she’s on a mountain, but I have no idea what that stupid scooter thing is called and she IS twerking in that one. Close enough, I figure.

Working out in my @instacurve_ waist shaper 🍑

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