Ravishing Rebecca Grant Is Your New Favorite Super Hot Golfer (26 PICS)

Spectacular Rebecca Grant is definitely one amazing woman who you should know.

But Rebecca is not just a pretty face, she is also an actress and TV host. You may have seen her on Fox Sports and ESPN because of her vast knowledge and passion of sports.

Rebecca is a native of Buffalo, New York, and reps the Bills, and will even spit hot fire in their honor.

The gorgeous Rebecca must be into sadomasochism, because not only is she a Bills fan, but she’s also a diehard Pittsburgh Pirates fan.

The stunning Rebecca is also a scalding hot golfer.

If you want to see much more of the scintillating Rebecca you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well as check out her website.

You’re welcome.

Hey now!

My screen is melting.

This brings new meaning to fantasy football.

I should have gone to the pool with the dazzling Rebecca.

I should have gone to the beach with the beautiful Rebecca.

Yeah. I definitely should have gone to the beach with the tantalizing Rebecca.

Treasure is buried underneath there.

Armbras > Regular Bras

Got damn!

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I loathe burpees.

That seems like a health code violation.

Ugggggh. Wood paneling is so 70s.

Yikes stripes!

Double your pleasure.


Nice eyes.