Reese Witherspoon Was Looking Super Hot In A Bikini As She Celebrated 15 Years Of ‘Legally Blonde’

Wednesday was the 15th anniversary of the film Legally Blonde so to celebrate the occasion Reese Witherspoon spent all day doing various things related to the film.

For instance, she reminded everyone was how to do the “Bend and Snap” – something she says that she has a feeling people will still be asking her to do when she is 95.

However, another part of the celebration, as she mentioned in the post at the top, involved her breaking out many of the costumes shoe wore in the movie and showing them off on Instagram and Snapchat.

There was only one costume, however, that really made me stand up and take notice though. See if you remember this scene?

That’s right. The bikini scene where Reese says, “I’m able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat.”

Which also happened to be her caption for this photo…

Aww yeah. 15 years later and still looking as fine as ever.

Here are a couple more highlights from her day.

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