Rihanna Is Looking Au Naturale Sexy In These Honolulu Bikini Photo Shoot Pics

You can pretty much assume that any professional photo shoot these days won’t make it to print without a slew of Photoshop tricks applied all over. Gut too big? Shrink that bitch. Cellulite? Gone! The model is just plain ugly? Well Photoshop can’t really fix that, you’re going to need a new model – just kidding Photoshop can definitely remedy a busted face.

But why use Photoshop when you have Rihanna, who looks perfect au naturale? Granted, there’s definitely some editing that’s been applied to these photos, but it doesn’t look like it’s been done to the point where she looks like she has an ultra-skinny unachievable body. She looks natural. She looks hot.

Good for you, Rihanna.

[Images via Instagram]