Uh, Rihanna’s New Music Video Features Her Wearing A Thong And Freeing The Nipple

Rihanna is going to go and get herself banned from Instagram again. Because today she dropped a bunch of pictures from her new music video for the single “Needed Me” and yup, she freed the nipple.

She also shared some photos of herself from the video wearing a sexy and very revealing lace thong.

And here I thought Rihanna’s last music video was NSFW. (And it pretty much was, check it here.)

Honestly though, I don’t know why Rihanna (or any other female artist for that matter) thinks they have to get half-naked to sell their music. Maybe it’s some sort of statement that I haven’t figured out yet.

Whatever the reason, I guess I’m not really complaining because well…

Oh yeah, that whole nipple photo? Yeah, I can’t show it to you here, sorry, but I’ll be glad to let you click on this or this to see it.

And here’s the video that somehow, unlike her last one, doesn’t have the word “explicit” anywhere in the title…