Here’s The Latest Hot Blonde Model Reportedly Linked To Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio


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As we discussed last month, Leonardo DiCaprio absolutely has a certain type of woman that he likes.

She is almost always blonde, a model and in her early twenties.

So it comes as no surprise whatsoever that it is being reported that he might be hooking up with another woman named Roxy Horner who fits that description.

Reports Page Six

Leo DiCaprio has been spending time with yet another blond model, British beauty Roxy Horner, sources said.

Leo — the Best Actor Oscar favorite for “The Revenant” — has been seen out with Horner this past week after he attended the BAFTAs in London.

While a source close to DiCaprio insisted, “He isn’t seeing anyone,” a different source said, “They were out in London at Chiltern Firehouse on two consecutive nights, and Leo seemed to be paying her a lot of attention.”

Every time Leo hooks up with anyone his reps say he isn’t so who really knows?

The Mirror reports that DiCaprio invited Horner back to his hotel suite.

Leo and Roxy met a while ago in LA and he was taken with her. When he got to London for the Baftas he immediately said they should hang out.

“When they finally met last night the sparks were flying. They were hooking up throughout the night.”

For her part Horner said that they were just “friends” in tweets that have since been suspiciously deleted.

So did Leo hook up with another sexy, blonde, model in her early twenties? As usual, only he knows.

Here are some pics of her, just so we know what we’re dealing with here…

Happy Sunday

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Front Cover for @goldcoastmagazine

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Campaign for @campbellandmoss

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Today at @princesspollyboutique #bts #shoot #work

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Good morning LA 😘 (photo cred @katelouisemoss_ )

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@princesspollyboutique @pixpop @alanamevissen

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My weekend #noosabeach #noosa

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Behind the scenes for the new @fleurofengland campaign

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