Scalding Amanda Lee Is Hotter Than Two Jackrabbits Screwin’ In A Wool Sack In The Georgia Sun (21 PICS)

Amanda Elise Lee is simply a vision. She is an extraordinarily seductive fitness model with nearly 4 million Instagram followers. And for good reason as you will see from the photographic documentation below.

Her neighbors must be at their windows with their binoculars on the daily.

Like, why is she looking down her socks? Did she loose her hair tie down there or something?

I can’t see her torso.

She should probably stop shopping in the kids department or not.

Does she not realize that she is stopping herself from yanking up her pants because she’s kneeling on the ground?

See, doesn’t standing make pulling up your pants so much easier?

Triple your pleasure with the alluring Amanda Lee

I should have gone to the gym today.

Nice bag.


Nice bracelet.

Amazing Amanda Lee had really steer clear of that grill, her hotness could cause the propane tank to explode.

Is it saltwater or chlorine?

Jeez, Marilyn Monroe was weak as fuck. Only a barbell? No weights? Really?

“Well, that is your name, isn’t it? Calvin Klein? It’s written all over your underwear.”

While she exercises her legs, I’ll exercise my wrists.

Mandatory marketing pic.

Hot Girl Chugs Beer