Naked Selena Gomez Wearing A Towel And Only A Towel Is Irresistible Torture

The towel by itself is just a boring, rectangular piece of cloth. However, you wrap that towel around a dripping wet girl and it becomes hotter than any fancy lingerie. There’s something so titillating about a girl that just took a hot shower and is only one little tug away from being au naturel, especially when that girl is Selena Gomez.

Veteran Vogue photographer Mario Testino has seen the tantalizing aspect of towels and even been doing a set of photography titled the “Towel Series.” He snaps photos of models wearing nothing but towels, which I highly suggest you check out his previous nearly naked, err, artistic photos here. His latest towel-inspired photo included Miss Gomez.

“I choose very carefully who I photograph for [the ’Towel Series’] — it is only my point of view, no one else has a say in it,” Testino told Vogue last August. “I think girls and guys feel this freedom at being able to express themselves. There is no predetermined way of how you put the towel on.”

With all the praise I just gave towels, to be very honest, I actually loathe towels. Especially this one.

I hate this towel.

I hate this towel more than I hated the series finale of Dexter. I hate this towel more than I hate Billy Gminski, the pudgy kid who sucker punched me in 3rd grade and stole my Little Debbies Cosmic Brownies. I hate this towel more than I hate… “WE GET IT! YOU HATE THAT TOWEL!”

So anyway, I have a strong dislike for Selena’s towel.