Eye-Poppin’ SI Swimsuit Models Kate Bock, Samantha Hoopes, Kelly Rohrbach, and More Put Malta On The Map

si swimsuit model thong

This quick and hard-hitting video from Sports Illustrated features SI swimsuit models Kate Bock, Samantha Hoopes, Kelly Rohrbach, Tanya Mityushina and Robyn Lawley melting faces on the island of Malta.

If you skipped geography, Malta’s a country east of Tunisia, north of Libya, south of Italy, and west of Greece. Just about smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Apparently, the chunk of real estate also causes incredibly attractive females to shed their clothing and swim apparel. Could be temperature-related. Could be they’re literally in heat. All I know is flight and hotel prices just skyrocketed.

Blazes, ladies. Just a real solid effort all around.

Last we saw 2013 SI Swimsuit Rookie of The Year Kate Bock, she was partying with Kevin Love after the Cavs won the NBA Finals.

Samantha Hoppes has been dominating flip cup and doing her best impression of Pamela Anderson on Baywatch. Meanwhile, fellow swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach will actually be in the Baywatch reboot and has a nasty habit of clobbering golf balls.

Australian DJ Robyn Lawley became a SI Swimsuit Rookie in 2015 and Tanya? Tanya’s a Russian model who made her debut in this year’s swimsuit issue and has demonstrated how Victoria’s Secret undergarments should be worn.

Since we at BroBible haven’t really hyped Tanya, here’s a sample of her work…







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