There’s A Website That Offers Gorgeous Women To Be Your Personal ‘Ski Bunny’ And ‘Escort’ You Through The Mountains

It’s that time of the year when people start to head to the mountains to go skiing. Maybe you’re a shitty skier and could use some tips? Or maybe you’re just looking for an excuse to pay for the services as an escort but want to disguise it as a ski instructor. Well, Ski-BunniesDOTcom (NSFW site) is for you!

The website offers beautiful women to go on a ski trip with you (After some research, it appears only in Europe). Here is the description on their site:

We are very enthusiastic and eager to be invited by you on your next ski holiday. Ready to travel and join you at the ski resort of your choice (or somewhere en-route, if you prefer that we arrive together), we will do everything to make your holiday dreams come true! Just imagine the pleasure of being in a romantic ski resort with a stunning new girlfriend at your side, day and night only for you! We will be there to ski, dine, drink and dance with you and of course relax with you – in fact be your devoted companion, ski-partner and loving girlfriend throughout our entire time together!

Starting from $1,200 to $1,800, you can receive 24 hours of “companionship” with the very beautiful ski bunnies on your next jaunt in the Alps. The women are eager to “escort” you through the mountains of Europe’s most exclusive ski resorts.

The intoxicating ladies offer descriptions of themselves as well as their level of skiing expertise – from beginner to advanced.

Slovakian Vanessa, 34, an expert skier says, “I have been a ski instructor for the past 10 years, all very worthwhile and enjoyable, but I want to move on to something a whole lot more exciting even than that!”

Well, Vanessa seems like someone who would be a fantastic ski instructor.

Czech Kim, an intermediate skier, says, “I enjoy a lot of sports and to combine skiing with some travel – and meet new people at the same time, that is just great! Let’s get together and have a fun time on the slopes, off the slopes, at the hotel – all will be a time to remember, I assure you!”

At the hotel? There’s no slopes inside the hotel.

Weird thing is, most of the ladies feature photos of themselves in lingerie, some even post nude photos. Why would ladies who accompany you skiing and who would be wearing a heavy warm jacket and ski pants post scintillating pics and not videos of them flaunting their skiing prowess?