Sofia Vergara Looks Quite Sexy In Black Lingerie, Also Apparently Has A Hot Niece

Sofia Vergara is shooting a new movie called The Brits Are Coming and based on some of the photos she has been sharing from the set I think I might have to see it.

Wikipedia says that the film started shooting in 2015 so apparently there must have been some kind of snag for her to still be shooting it this week. The movie is some kind of jewel-heist comedy with Uma Thurman, who we haven’t seen in ages, as one of the main characters.

Not that any of that really matters though. They sold me on the film when Sofia shared a photo of herself in lingerie. In fact, they should just make that the movie poster with the tagline, “Come see Sofia Vergara in lingerie.” Blockbuster.

Anyway, as I was perusing Sofia’s Instagram account I came across this sexy photo of her alongside a woman I came to discover is her niece Claudia Vergara.

I guess being good-looking runs in the family. Go figure.

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