The Spice Girls Got Back Together And WOW Are They Even Hotter Now

I never listened to the Spice Girls because I wasn’t a pubescent female in the 1990’s, but I do remember them being pretty hot. I think. The 90’s were a long time ago, so let’s take a quick trip down memory lane by watching the music video to that song everyone knows solely because it’s catchy and annoying and ugh I swear I’m only watching this because they’re hot:

Not bad, right? Well get ready to have your mind blown, because four of the five original members got together, and WOW they’re even hotter now than they were in the 90’s:

Don’t know why Eva Longoria is there, but she’s hot too so I’m okay with it.


The only Spice Girl who wasn’t in attendance was Mel B aka Scary Spice, but that’s okay since she’s hot too and decided to throw up a nostalgic Instagram for all of us:


Four words:

I. Don’t. Hate. It.