Watch Steve-O Play ‘Titty Trick Shots’ With Busty Model, Which Is Basically Beer Pong With Boobs

by 2 years ago

Steve-O garnered worldwide notoriety from his dangerous stunts featured on Jackass. Steve-O is no longer a spring chicken and can’t be doing insane and hazardous exploits every day and breaking more bones in his already ravaged body. So it’s good to see that Steve-O is doing much safer, but still entertaining exploits. Steve-O’s new and enticing gig is his take on beer pong trick shot videos. But instead of Solo cups full of beer, the goal is to put your balls in deep and tempting cleavage. Which seems to be very easy to eye-up your target.

Why isn’t this a thing at every party?

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All new Titty Trick Shots with @lacikaysomers

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Steve-O enlisted the immense services of the alluring Laci Kay Somers, who is impressively qualified for the job as you can see by her Instagram photos.

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