Stuck in the friends w/ benefits zone.

​I met a woman. 
To give a little background info I had technically met her before through friends but we did not interact much. Months later college ends for the summer and a good portion of my friends move back home so my circle is seriously lacking. I chat her up on the social media and we decide it would be cool to hang out but when I see her for the first time in forever something in my brain clicks and I must have her. We talk and flirt and I keep her laughing all the way to my place in only a couple of meet ups. Seriously. Like two. I tell her I like her and she is speechless. The hot and heavy commences and the first night we do not go past just making out and watching shows. She texts me later that she has been seeing a guy for the last 2 months and they have agreed to be sexually exclusive. Well that goes in one ear and out the other with me and the next time we hang out we not only shag gloriously but she stays the night and morning sex ensues. Also awesome by the way.   We have agreed to hang out more but I want to be something other than the other guy. I want her. Is there any hope? Help me out bros.
P.S. First time post but I read Brobible all the time. Great stuff.