Suki Waterhouse, Bradley Cooper’s Sexy 23 Year-Old Model Girlfriend, Isn’t Afraid To Show A Little Nipple

We’ve been living vicariously through Bradley Cooper ever since, at age 38, he began dating his model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse back when she was just 20 years-old. It was the epitome of a bro just saying to hell with the rules, I’m going to date whoever the hell I want, age be damned.

Fast forward three years later and somehow these two are still going strong. No small feat in the world of the rich, spoiled and famous. Of course, Bradley Cooper hasn’t gotten locked down into anything foolish like marriage yet, but we certainly wouldn’t blame him if he did eventually succumb.

Suki Waterhouse definitely seems like the type of girl that would be good marriage material. She’s a lingerie model who hangs out with other lingerie models. She knows how to twerk, and looks darn good in a bikini.

And now she’s featured in this month’s issue of GQ magazine where on slide 5 of their pictorial she tugs on her shirt to give readers a little nipple action.

If that’s not marriage material I don’t know what is.

The full issue hit newsstands nationwide March 31st, but you can check out more pics (including the nipple one) and the interview online here right now.