You’ll Bend Over Backwards To See How Extraordinarily Flexible The Scintillating Syd Wilder Is (20 PICS)

Spectacular Syd Wilder is flexible AF. Her talents know no bounds. The model/comedian/actress has over 300,000 followers on her Instagram for very, very valid reasons.

It is no stretch to say that the scintillating Syd’s flexibility is incredible.

She has real nice eyes.

I am suddenly a huge Rams fan.

Goodness gracious.

But it seems as though she doesn’t seem to have a full grasp how a couch works.

Superb Cobra pose right there.

Miss, you forgot your shirt. Not that I’m complaining.

Suddenly, everyone’s stockings are stuffed again.


Nice earrings.

Nice necklace.

I’m suddenly a huge Manchester United fan.

I wish her hands were smaller.

White hot.