What Do You Think Tara Reid Was Doing As The Only Girl On This 14 Dude Bachelor Party?



This morning I was trying to count how many bachelor parties I’ve been on. Suffice it to say, the fact I can’t remember off the top of my head attests to the fact that I know the intricacies of bachelor parties.

And in the eight or so I’ve been to, not a single woman friend has attended. We’ve had buddies who had close female friends who weren’t allowed. We’ve had gal friends who pleaded to join. Nope. It’s just a rule.

No bachelor party ever has a lady tag along.

So, I wonder, what was Tara Reid doing this weekend as part of a 14-dude bachelor party? Here’s a photo she shared.

I’d say maybe she owns the boat and wouldn’t let them use it without her on it, but a cursory investigation reveals the group is in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I doubt Tara owns a sailing vessel down there.

Why is she there? Hooking up with one of the guys and being a terrible wet blanket companion? Very possible and very awful. Or… well, you’re free to make the same hypothetical speculation I did.

Cough, cough, entertainment.

Regardless, here are some other pictures from some dude’s bachelor party that Tara Reid attended.

https://www.instagram.com/p/8tFtq7vQ3D/ https://www.instagram.com/p/8q5axjvQ51/

Take a look at these god damn Bros.

You tell me. What do you think Tara Reid was doing there?