Tara Reid’s Undeniable Hotness Is Causing Corporate Execs To Get Fired Now

Lord knows the alluring temptation that is Tara Reid is definitely something that would cause any man to do crazy things that he normally wouldn’t consider, so this story of a Blue Shield of California executive is really a lesson for us all.

Turns out that last month Aaron Kaufman, Blue Shield’s chief technology officer, was let go after it was discovered that he’d been doing a lot of spending on his corporate credit card – over $100,000 lot. And according to Blue Shield much of that money was spent on trips with our girl Tara Reid.

According to the Los Angeles Times

Blue Shield cited numerous examples of Kaufman’s extravagant spending, some of which came to light after an employee event involving Reid at a San Francisco bowling alley. Some of the expenses cited by Blue Shield included $17,491 that Kaufman spent on a Florida vacation to see Reid.

He also spent $832 for one night at the W hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with Reid on Jan. 21, according to the company. Three weeks later, he ran up a corporate tab of $1,382 on drinks at the Warwick, a Hollywood nightclub.

But the night of bowling in early January drew the most attention inside Blue Shield.

Uh oh, this is starting to sound familiar.

“At some point during the evening, Mr. Kaufman’s girlfriend acted inappropriately, taking inappropriate photographs of herself and sharing them,” the company said in court documents. Blue Shield confirmed that it was referring to Reid.

“Word of the behavior at the bowling alley event spread quickly at Blue Shield and caused a great disturbance within the company. Employees were embarrassed,” according to the company.


For his part Kaufman says that Blue Shield is just retaliating against him after he reported financial wrongdoing and that he was only using the corporate card because he was going through a divorce and his wife had “locked up” his bank accounts.

I say the other guys at Blue Shield are just jelly that he got to hang out with Sharknado queen Tara Reid and they didn’t. Hell, he only spent like $100 grand. They should have been commending him for not giving up his house and home to be with a woman as amazing as her.