Taylor Swift Just Dropped Her Sexiest Bikini Pics Of 2016 And All I Can Say Is LAWD HAVE MERCY!


I, like every other man with a penis, am a big fan of Taylor Swift’s body. Even if she doesn’t fit your body type you cannot deny that Taylor’s one of the most gorgeous women alive, and you have to respect how hard she works month in and month out just to drop a handful of bikini pics on Instagram like once a quarter. In Taylor’s 4th of July pic drop she just released some American Flag bikini pics with her crew of supermodels in tow, and it appears as if these stunning beauties have been spending their Independence Day at Taylor Swifts‘s Rhode Island mansion.

Last week people were up in arms on Twitter, debating whether or not Taylor had gotten a boob job. These new pics seem to suggest that the model’s upper body has grown quite a bit in the mammary region, but I’ll let you bros judge for yourselves:


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So I’d say that the evidence of a boob job is still very inconclusive. Arguments could be made for both sides, but I’m not willing to commit to a ‘yes, she got them done’ or ‘no, she definitely didn’t’ stance just yet. If you want to go back and see the original evidence suggesting that Taylor got her boobies done you can CLICK HERE.

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