Taylor Swift Brings That Sweet T-Swizzle Heat In A Tank Top Dress For Her First Cover Of ‘GQ’

Taylor Swift GQ cover first

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Taylor Swift, FINALLY getting the recognition she deserves.

How on earth did it take GQ this long to finally put our girl Tay on the cover?

How many copies of this issue do you suppose they are going to sell? 50 million? 100? The Swift Army will be out in full force grabbing at least 3 or 4 copies each just for themselves. That alone could break GQ sales records when it comes out next week.

Inside the issue apparently they will also have “words” along with the photos where Taylor Swift discusses things (including Kanye West) with writer Chuck Klosterman.

Here’s a little snippet…

“If you don’t take Swift seriously, you don’t take contemporary music seriously…There’s simply no antecedent for this kind of career: a cross-genre, youth-oriented, critically acclaimed colossus based entirely on the intuitive songwriting merits of a single female artist. It’s as if mid-period Garth Brooks was also early Liz Phair, minus the hat and the swearing. As a phenomenon, it’s absolutely new.”

But really, it’s going to be all about the photos and the cover is a very good start.

Taylor Swift GQ cover

Michael Thompson/GQ