This ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Member Is 5x Hotter Than Farrah Abraham Even Though Her Life Is One Giant Dumpster Fire

It’s been years since I actually sat down and watched an episode of Teen Mom, but from what I remember Jenelle Evans’ life is just one dumpster fire of a failure after another. Girlfriend’s been arrested for drugs, other drugs, probably more drugs and at least once in every episode she gets into a screaming match with her mom over something stupid. Is it good television? No, but damned if I didn’t tune in every week to make myself feel better about my own life. Then again she was making hundreds of thousands of dollars to be on Teen Mom, but whatever – at least I don’t have an arrest record (yet).

Luckily for Jenelle, it looks like she’s gotten her life (sort of) together, and by “together” I mean “well I haven’t seen a story about her getting arrested in a while AND she’s fit as fuck.” You keep doin’ you girl.