This Week’s Hottie Index has the Sexiest Woman in the World and Four Other Sizzlers

Mila Kunis
We have to start the “sexiest woman in the world”, right? That’s what “Esquire” named Kunis for 2013 making it her third elite crown after being named “sexiest woman alive” by Esquire last year (is she paying them off?) and Details’ “most f*ckable celebrity” last month. Like most of these fake titles, it gets us to debate whether or not we’d actually chose Kunis over someone as obvious as Kate Upton or another girl, but that’s why the lists are created. We’d all be lucky to get five minutes with any of them.


Kelly Nash
Now that we’ve gotten the sexiest woman out of the way, let’s turn to the luckiest. (Or maybe it’s dumbest depending on how you’re looking at things.) Nash was on top of the Green Monster and took many a self-portrait of herself in the hopes of getting the best shot. (Why anyone needs to take self-portraits is beyond me. You’re telling me she couldn’t have asked someone to help?) In doing so during the middle of batting practice, she didn’t hear her producer yelling that a baseball was coming her way. Like the boy who cried wolf, he’d done it a few times already and Nash chose to ignore him on the potentially fatal effort. The picture shows you how close things got.


Julianne Hough
Ryan Secrest parted ways with Julianne Hough a month ago and most men would tend to believe its cause Hough doesn’t put out. She’s saving herself for marriage apparently. (A silly decision for both her and her husband. She’ll not know what good sex is and also be terrible in the sack herself.) That didn’t stop her from taking this week to fully force herself into the paparazzi scene. She’s obviously trying to find herself a husband. Flash those panties girl. Let the guys know what they can get after spending cash money on a diamond.


Rosa Leslie
If you don’t love Game of Thrones, then there’s something wrong with you. Last week’s episode kicked things up a notch as Leslie, playing Ygritte, finally disrobed in the effort to land good ol’ John Snow. (Make sure to say that name with the requisite Scottish sounding accent.) Some guys from my office have been waiting for this moment for weeks and it finally happened. Hopefully it was everything they were waiting for and more. Game of Thrones: where a TV show looks like porn if you enter the room at the wrong time.

Rhian Sugden
Basic Instinct is an American movie classic. It’s not in the same vein as something like Godfather or Raging Bull, but it’s definitely something a generation of our youth grew up fixating on. The scene in which Sharon Stone flashes Newman (ok, I know his real name is Wayne Knight, but he’ll always be Newman from Seinfled) is right up there with the greatest movie scenes of all time. Sure Stone was a psycho killer who wielded an ice pick as her weapon of choice, but boy was she hot doing it. Sugden recreates the moment in her latest photo-shoot, which would get 10 out of 10 if they had actually recreated the legs open moment. I’m just a tad disappointed.