Tiger Woods Is Back, Baby! Has Reportedly Scored Himself A Sexy New Blonde Girlfriend

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Oh, you probably thought we meant Tiger Woods was BACK playing golf when you first saw that headline. No, that hasn’t happened yet. We’re talking about something way more important here.

Our man Tiger reportedly has hooked himself up with a sexy new blonde girlfriend! Atta boy, Tiger! Way to get back on that horse.

According to RadarOnline, Woods is dating a young lady named Kristin Smith, 33. Smith, according to her Instagram profile, is a personal stylist. I guess if I don’t know what that means then I don’t have enough money, right?

“It’s awesome,” a woman who claimed to be Smith’s cousin exclusively confirmed to Radar when asked of the new romance. “But I’m not allowed to talk about it.”

Although Smith wouldn’t confirm the relationship herself, she didn’t deny that she’s seeing the pro golfer.

They also report that Smith was once married to former Dallas Cowboys football player Gerald Sensabaugh, but it didn’t last very long.

Well, here’s to hoping her relationship with Tiger works out a little better for her. Lord knows, her looks are right in Woods’ wheelhouse. Heck, she’s already got him forking over loads of cash to her so things must be pretty serious.

Let’s take a little peek at her IG and see what’s making Tiger (allegedly) so enamored with her…


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